Thacker Offers Free Cremation Box Bundle of Five with First TIme Purchase of New Aspen Casket

From a press release. 

To celebrate the release of its newest solid poplar casket, the Aspen, Thacker Caskets is offering a free cremation box bundle of five with a first-time purchase. Crafted by hand in North America, the Aspen features a beige eyelet interior, umber gloss finish, swing-bar hardware, and a beautifully detailed wood inlay. Designed to appeal for both a feminine and masculine audience, the delicacy of the inlay provides an essence of elegance while the beige interior and warm gloss finish magnify a handsome sophistication.

Included with a first-time purchase, Thacker’s cremation boxes provide the ultimate sustainability for the cremation process. Covered with a fluid resistant coating, weight-tested to hold over 250 pounds, and constructed with a seamless corrugated double wall design for durability, Thacker’s cremation boxes serve for an effortless body transfer and a more efficient cremation.
Since 1939, Thacker Caskets has been committed to providing funeral homes with high quality products with impeccable value. To take advantage of this offer or to learn more about additional products and services Thacker Caskets offers, please call 800-637-8891 or visit