CFSA Establishes the Audrey Thacker Women of Excellence Award Recognizing Outstanding Women in Funeral Service Supply

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Casket & Funeral Supply Association of America (CFSA) has established a new award recognizing outstanding women in funeral service supply and has named it in honor of Audrey Thacker of Thacker Caskets.

“Mrs. Thacker’s legacy of leadership and sheer determination in taking her company out of crisis in the late 70s due to the untimely passing of her husband and company president, Carl C. Thacker, is a testament to perseverance and sure-footed will to succeed,” said Tim Murphy, chief executive officer of CFSA. “She proved many in the business completely wrong when she was offered advice that a woman couldn’t or shouldn’t be president of a casket manufacturing company.”

Mrs. Thacker’s story is one that the association felt should be shared to inspire all professionals in the supply chain of funeral service to do their best every day and take their businesses to new heights of success. The Audrey Thacker Women of Excellence Award selection criteria includes membership in CFSA, a minimum of five years in the funeral supply business; and demonstration of exceptional innovation and leadership in her company. The award will be bestowed annually at the CFSA Annual Conference.

About Thacker Caskets

Thacker Caskets was founded in Washington DC in 1939 by Carl C. Thacker. Originally named Old Dominion Casket Company, its name was changed to Thacker Caskets in the 1970s, and today employs over 250 American workers. The family-owned and operated company is headquartered in Monrovia, MD, with the manufacturing plant in Florence, AL. 


About CFSA

The Casket & Funeral Supply Association of America was founded in 1913 as the Casket Manufacturers Association of America, and today represents companies providing all types of funeral supply products. The Association is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.