Member Benefits

Being a member of CFSA is more than a wall plaque in the office, or a sticker on the door to your business. It’s a network of people who not only understand what you do, they do what you do. When asking a CFSA member why they wouldn’t be without their membership, the number one reason they will cite is the people of the association – their collective experience, as well as their willingness to assist fellow members with business challenges and opportunities alike. The network of CFSA – considered by many members as their “professional family” – is indeed a powerful asset to anyone in the supply chain of funeral service!”

DOT Alcohol & Drug Testing Program

CFSA brings to you a DOT compliance program that addresses your compliance needs, regardless of the size and scope of your operation. And, with pricing at member-only discounted rates, your participation in this program will take a mandated requirement and make it an efficient, seamless experience for you.

Essential Compliance Manuals

CFSA is proud to bring members yet another asset for your information arsenal – the Essential Online Compliance Manuals by JJ Keller, Inc. These are updated regularly and are the one-stop for everything you need to know about safety in your logistics operations.

Member Directory

View the latest Member Directory to connect with other fellow members of the association. The Member Directory is updated quarterly.

Royal Mercantile Collections

CFSA is proud to announce our new professional partnership with Royal Mercantile Trust Corporation of America, a top-rated commercial collections agency, dedicated to their clients in every way. They produce maximum results making their international debt collection one of the best in the country.

Funeral Home Credit Guide

Available only to CFSA members, the Funeral Home Credit Guide provides participating companies with valuable information about the payment histories of current and potential funeral home customers. This service alone can save your dues investment by eliminating devastating accounts receivable write-offs!

Industry Statistics

CFSA plays a unique role in providing data that those in the supply industry could not obtain by themselves. This kind of analysis can be exceedingly valuable in making important business decisions for your company.

Statistical data provided by CFSA includes:

Total death data, segregated by state/region. Reports important to CFSA members from our association partners as well as government agencies.

Educational & Compliance Resources

Let CFSA help you remain knowledgeable and up to date with current industry and business trends. CFSA's Educational Resources include content provided by CFSA event speakers as well as other resources that you may find valuable.