Royal Mercantile Collections

New Debt Collections Service

CFSA is proud to announce our new professional partnership with Royal Mercantile Trust Corporation of America, a top-rated commercial collections agency, dedicated to their clients in every way. They produce maximum results making their international debt collection one of the best in the country.

In funeral service supply, many of the sales we make represent great investment.  When things don’t go right between CFSA member and customer, members need an established, proven firm with one of the best reputations in the country. 

Some reasons to utilize the services of Royal Mercantile:

  • RMTC is a well-established, professional agency with a proven track record of excellence for over 50 years, and has been vetted by CFSA.
  • They are licensed, bonded, and a certified member of the Commercial Law League.
  • RMTC has in-house attorneys and their own investigative agency.
  • Every claim they receive, regardless of the dollar amount, receives the same aggressive treatment by our seasoned in-house collection staff, with a combination of written and verbal communications with the debtor.
  • Ideally, all claims are collected by our in house staff, and regardless of the dollar amount of the claim, our clients will only be charged 20% of the monies collected. As such, if they don’t collect, there’s no fee to you. 
  • You have the ability to get credit reports from RMTC on an as-needed basis, with no contracts or long-term obligations at a discounted price.  What makes these reports unique is they blend data elements pulled from three bureaus – D&B, Experian and Ansonia – to present a more comprehensive picture than just pulling a report from a single credit reporting agency.  They come with full corporate details, public filings, credit history, and collection history/judgments.

In the event that the in-house team determines that the debtor is intransigent, the option is given to the client to escalate this to an attorney.  RMTC has an exclusive network of attorneys in every state and in most countries to draw on their expertise. Should the client decide to go this route, we will attempt to cap the fees at a 30% rate, plus any court costs.

If you, as a CFSA member, are dissatisfied with the results, you are under no obligation to continue using them.  No long-term contracts, and proven track record of getting their clients paid.  I hope you’ll consider Royal Mercantile Trust Corporation for your collection needs. 

Visit them today at http://rmtc.com  to see more of why we chose Royal Mercantile as a solid professional partner.

Getting Started:

To set up your Royal Mercantile account and start submitting collections, please fill out the collection agreement and return to Dave Lerro at dave.lerro@rmtc.com


Submitting a Collection:

Use the form below to submit a collection to Royal Mercantile.  Return the completed form to Dave Lerro at dave.lerro@rmtc.com