About CFSA

Being a member of CFSA is more than a plaque on the wall or a sticker on the door. It’s a network of people who not only understand what you do, they do what you do. When asking a CFSA member why they wouldn’t be without their membership, the number one reason they will cite is the people of the association – their collective experience, as well as their willingness to assist fellow members with business challenges and opportunities alike. The network of CFSA – considered by many members as their “professional family” – is indeed a powerful asset to anyone in the supply chain of funeral service!

Our Board and staff are always willing and able to assist you with your needs as a member, so be sure to let us know how we can enhance your membership with our unmatched member-centric attention and assistance.


Founded in 1913 as the Casket Manufacturers’ Association of America, the Casket & Funeral Supply Association of America is proud to represent the interests of member suppliers to licensed funeral homes, licensed funeral directors and casket companies. CFSA has long been established as the trade association for the funeral supply industry, with members manufacturing or distributing virtually every type of product used by funeral directors. Our objective is to provide useful information and perspectives on the funeral industry and the funeral supply industry to support manufacturers and suppliers of funeral goods and/or services. We also provide our members with proprietary information via our sales statistics program.


The Casket & Funeral Supply Association of America, Inc. (CFSA), whose members provide goods and services to death care professionals, shall promote the well-being of funeral supply companies. The Association will promote communication and fellowship within the industry while providing services necessary to assist its members and to enhance their business so that the public may continue to receive the full benefit of memorialization.


We will strive to make a quality product at a fair price, representing it truthfully and accurately in all our selling and advertising.

We recognize our ultimate responsibility to the consumer, to meet the religious, ethical and economic requirements of every person or family called upon to arrange a funeral.

We are dedicated to broadening the death care professional’s knowledge and understanding of our product, always striving to maintain a high level of education and professionalism within the industry.

We will work together for the good of the death care industry, while recognizing the freedom and independence of every firm in the pricing and marketing of its products.

We will conduct our affairs in such a manner as to earn the confidence and trust of the public, respecting and adhering to this Code of Ethics, and recognizing the value of membership in an association that promulgates and supports such a Code.