Funeral Home Credit Guide

One of the most popular CFSA member benefits!

What is the Funeral Home Credit Guide?

Available only to CFSA members, the Funeral Home Credit Guide provides participating companies with valuable information about the payment histories of current and potential funeral home customers. This service alone can save your dues investment by eliminating devastating accounts receivable write-offs!

Based on data contributed by more than 75 participating funeral supply companies, the Credit Guide contains payment information about more than 20,000 funeral homes in the U.S. and Canada. Part of the Credit Guide program, the Past Due Survey provides further information about amounts owed by funeral homes with past due accounts.

How much does it cost? 

The Funeral Director Credit Guide program is a free benefit of CFSA membership. The only requirement for participation is the regular contribution of data to the program.

The NEW Credit Guide is here!

This new program is incredibly user friendly! Members are encouraged to upload ratings, funeral home information and more. This new program allows for easy bulk ratings uploads. This members-only feature also allows members to download a list of all current funeral homes and members. 

Need help using this new program? Click here for instructions and tips!

Watch our informative Credit Guide Crash Course Video Tutorial!

The new credit guide will only include data that has been uploaded since its launch on Feb. 2, 2021. For any data uploaded through the old credit guide, use the link below to download a PDF. Your PDF reader program may have a search feature already on it. If it doesn’t (or it isn’t apparent), hit the “CTRL” + “F” keys, and you can search by any key word (name, address, city, state, etc.) 

*The Original Credit Guide Data is a searchable PDF. Simply enter CTRL + F, and the search bar will appear to get you quickly to the funeral home you are seeking.