Astral Focuses on Customer Service

From a press release. 

Astral is committed to focusing on the needs of the funeral directors and the families that they serve. In an effort to always provide customers with top-notch service, Astral uses a state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) program which allows every customer service representative to have personalized information about each customer at their fingertips. This program allows each customer service representative to offer each funeral director with previous order information, product availability, invoice amounts, purchase history, and much more. Funeral directors can be confident knowing that Astral knows their account and can better serve them. “We are dedicated to serving funeral director customers, and we are always looking for ways to improve how we help those serving families in need, “ stated Jeanie Turner, Astral Customer Service Manager.

Astral Industries, headquartered in Lynn, Indiana, manufactures 18 gauge, 20 gauge and stainless steel caskets, as well as supplies cremation and wood products. For more information about Astral and the products they offer, contact the Customer Service Department at 800-278-7252. You can also visit the company’s website at and like them on Facebook at Astral.