Expiration of the FTC Moratorium on SCI Acquisitions Expires in May

A slew of acquisitions?  Funeral Director Daily thinks so.

Back in 2013, SCI was virtually prohibited from acquiring funeral home and cemetery properties in certain markets for the next ten years.  Fast-forward, the Earnings Call from SCI’s year end results noted that prohibition will be ending come May 2024.  In response to a question on the subject, here’s what SCI CEO Thomas Ryan responded:

“I think it’s hard to size it, but it is a significant amount of markets that we’ve been really precluded from participating in for the last two years by those prior notice agreements, which expire in May. So it’s very difficult to predict when or what. But we’re excited about it. We do think it kind of allows us to be a little more active as it relates to acquisitions and get back involved in some of those markets. So we’re excited about it. We think it will create some momentum.”  Read more form FDD.