Kelco Reveals a Refreshed Logo Design

Kelco recently announced the immediate launch of a refreshed logo design. This refreshed logo incorporates two traditional elements of the long standing Kelco® brand. First is the unmistakable green Kelco name and oval, and second, the inclusion of the Hand and Beaker image.

Alicia Carr, CEO, stated “We are excited to bring the Hand and Beaker back into the logo. This is a branding element that we used extensively throughout most of the first 76 years of our rich history, and emphasizes our longstanding commitment to this profession”

Concurrently, with the exception of cremation urns and remembrance products which will continue to be marketed under the Infinity® brand, all of the products in Kelco’s line will be marketed directly under the Kelco® brand. The company is discontinuing the use of its sub-brands Thanatometics® and Thanatech®.

According to Carr, “The Kelco® brand has tremendous equity in the death care profession, and we believe it makes sense to focus all of our marketing efforts around this single, strong brand. Rest assured, there will be no change to the products previously sold under the Thanatech® and Thanatometics® sub-brands. Only the branding has changed, not the quality or service.”
Kelco is dedicated to serving funeral professionals and continues to focus on its core mission: to provide its clients with the same exemplary level of service and respect that its clients provide for the deceased and bereaved. Ms. Carr states, “The design elements of our refreshed logo bring together a commitment to our clients, as well as the industry, as we continue to be the principle source for exceeding your expectations. We’ll do this while protecting our heritage, demonstrating integrity, and embracing the future of funeral service”.

You will begin to see this refreshed logo on the company’s products, communication, publications, and website. If you would like further information about this topic, please contact Alicia Carr at 763.493.1260 or email