Sauder Funeral Products Expands Value-Based Casket Line

Sauder Funeral Products has introduced the Saybrook casket, in a rich, dark cherry finish called coach cherry, further expanding its popular line of innovative and value-based, wooden burial and cremation caskets.

The introduction of the Saybrook casket adds to the expanding story line of innovation and development at Sauder Funeral Products. With the unique ability to leverage corporate expertise in home furnishing trends, Sauder Funeral Products is able to recognize the constantly evolving tastes of consumers. Saybrook offers families a casket with the rich color tones of cherry wood but in a grain that lends a more casual, less formal impression that many will find more relatable and comforting.

“Coach Cherry may just look more like their real lives, while still making a beautiful impression,” says Dan Sauder, executive vice president of engineering and new markets for Sauder Woodworking Co.

The Saybrook is a traditional American design with a domed lid, full-length bed with a cradle design and three lift mechanisms that allows the bed to tilt if needed. It has traditional details such as the four-sided, swing-bar handles with decorative brass-finish accents. It is also offered in a full-couch option.

The Saybrook is also eco-friendly, one of the many benefits to Sauder’s American-made casket line. Sauder Funeral Products caskets burn more efficiently than solid wood and wood veneer caskets, and this saves time and fuel in crematories. Additionally, the caskets are built with an environmentally responsible material made from 97% recycled high quality soft and hardwood trimmings and other formerly wasted wood products that remain after the milling of lumber and plywood.