Welcome to Our New Member!

The CFSA Board of Directors recently and unanimously approved a new Voting Member:

R & S Markers, LLC

8711 Tierra Lago Cr.

Lake Worth, FL 33467

O: 561.963.4732

Contact: Sam Schwab, President

Email: sam@rsmarkers.com

Website: www.rsmarkers.com

Sam Schwab is very familiar with CFSA, as he led the initiative to join the association when he was with Henry Schwab Company decades ago.  After a period in retirement, he recently started a new company that makes and sells temporary grave markers to funeral homes and cemeteries (and temporary markers to golf courses). As you’ll see from the new company’s web site at www.rsmarkers.com, Sam and his son-in-law, Rick LaPorte, started R & S Markers, LLC, in 2013. The company is already selling nationally.  Sam and Rick are interested in networking with other CFSA members, and in participating in the Credit Guide Program.