CFSA Sponsor Spotlight: NorthStar Industries

We are pleased to continue our series of Sponsor Spotlight articles in which we profile from time to time a different CFSA member company that has chosen to sponsor a program or activity.  CFSA is very fortunate to have many generous companies that financially support the association during the year, and this is an opportunity for us to thank them and to profile their company for the entire membership.

We continue the series this month with NorthStar Industries, a recent sponsor of CFSA events.  Here are the responses to our questions from NorthStar’s Steve Gadaleta.

When did your company first join CFSA, and what do you value most about your membership?

After attending CFSA conferences for several years, NorthStar Industries joined CFSA in 2011. We had observed the collegiate environment amongst the members and wanted to become more involved.  CFSA is made up of a wonderful group of owners and like-minded business professionals eager to learn, share, and improve the collective members’ ability to serve funeral service with meaningful products and services.

Why has your company become a sponsor for the association?

Sponsorship serves a dual purpose for NorthStar.  It certainly allows us to keep our name and our products in the forefront of our distributors’ minds as they participate in CFSA.  In addition to the marketing component, sponsorship provides a vehicle to demonstrate our appreciation for what CFSA members and the association bring to funeral service.  We are ready and eager to participate in the betterment of our association and our industry. 

Tell us a little about your company.

NorthStar Industries, LLC was founded in 2007 to support the needs of the distributor segment of funeral service.  We understood we had much to learn and many relationships to develop, but felt compelled to begin the journey to serve.  Reliability of sourcing is the life blood of any distribution model, and despite being a new, some may say late entrant to the distributor segment, NorthStar is uniquely positioned to offer a consistent supply of product and serve as a wonderful partner.  We are pleased with the support we have received over the past seven years and see nothing but opportunity to continue to serve the distributor channel in more meaningful ways in the future.

Who should other CFSA members contact if they want to know more about your company?

Steve Gadaleta, General Manager

You can reach Steve at: