Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Fall Conference & Trade Show

Still haven’t yet registered for our 2016 Fall Conference & Trade Show in Indianapolis on Monday – Tuesday, November 14-15? We thought we’d help motivate you with our “Top 10” reasons to attend this year!

10. Networking. Come meet some of the most talented, engaging, charismatic, and passionate men and women that you’ll ever get to know in your lifetime. Business or personal…our entire two-day conference is designed to foster your networking opportunities.

9. Questions and Answers.
 Got a question? You are guaranteed to find an answer from among the hundreds of industry experts in attendance.

8. Latest Products and Services. Walk our trade show hall of over 40 exhibitors showcasing the best and latest products and services that provide the backbone of the death care industry.

7. Engage with our Keynote Speaker, Peter Navarro. We’re all in for a special treat as our internationally-respected keynote speaker, Dr. Peter Navarro, takes us on a fascinating journey to understand how events in the global economy impact our businesses in the funeral supply industry. Agree with his politics or not – he’s a well-known economic advisor to Donald J. Trump – his provocative content and engaging style will keep you on the edge of your seat. And did we mention that our event takes place just one week after the presidential election?!


6. Meet our New CFSA Officers and Board of Directors. Shhhhh…we cannot yet tell you who has been nominated, but you can meet them up close and personal! Watch the October CFSA Newsletter for the official announcement.

5. Congratulate our 2016 Lifetime Recognition Award Recipients. Shhhhh…we cannot yet tell you who will be celebrated for their lifetime achievement, but you will be impressed! Watch for the October issue.

4. Personally Meet (and Thank) our Sponsors. CFSA is eternally grateful to the 25 generous companies that are sponsoring this year’s event. Come meet them and thank them for helping to keep down your registration fees through their financial support! See page 2 inside for the list.

3. Do Business. Whether on the trade show floor, over breakfast / lunch, while having a free drink during our open bar at the President’s Reception, or in the hallways of the elegant JW Marriott hotel, our conference format nurtures the buying and selling that fuels our industry.

2. Support your Association. Join us as we celebrate CFSA’s 103rd birthday! Founded in 1913, our association is only as strong as the members who work to support it!

1. Be Selfish. 
Honestly, the very best reason to attend our 2016 Fall Conference & Trade Show is to selfishly leverage the myriad opportunities to grow your business, advance your career, fuel your knowledge, and expand your personal and business networking. There simply is no other show like this one!