Welcome to Our Newest Member: TPI Corporation

The CFSA Board of Directors recently approved a new member: TPI Corporation. Please join us in welcoming this company to CFSA! (Note: The contact information for all new members is available 24/7 on our CFSA website.)

TPI Corporation
P.O. Box 4973
Johnson City, Tennessee 37602
Contact: Gary Sparks, VP, Manufacturing
O: 423-477-4131 x383
F: 423-477-2041
E: gsparks@tpicorp.com
Web: www.tpicorp.com

CFSA President Jerry Burchett highly recommended TPI Corporation for CFSA membership: “They are an equipment supplier and they just sent a new powder booth and oven to [one of our members]. They also sold [another one of our members] explosion heaters for their paint mix room. They want to offer their paint and powder equipment, plus their heat and fan products!!” The key contact for us will be Mr. Gary Sparks, VP of Manufacturing, whom Jerry has known for nearly 30 years. Gary and his wife will be attending our Winter Seminar. The company showcased this description in their CFSA membership application: “With over 50 years of continued growth and development, TPI Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial and commercial electric heat, lighting, ventilation, and controls.” The company’s website is rich with a display and description of myriad products focusing on the “industrial, commercial, or residential marketplace.”