Vision Casket Announces Hardwood Casket Production At Richmond Facility

From a press release.

Vision Casket Company, and its parent company, Vandor Corporation, announced a new line expansion into value-priced hardwood caskets that will be available October 1, 2017.

This new line of Vision hardwoods bridges the price gap between cloth-covered and traditionally-styled hardwood caskets, and addresses the expanding trend of cremation and burial families who are seeking lower casket price points without sacrificing quality and eye appeal.

“This new line of value-priced, solid wood caskets will be marketed under the Vision Casket brand, offering high eye appeal and featuring enhanced interior widths, ranging from 25½” standard to 33” oversize,” commented Gerald Davis, President of Vandor Corporation. “Vision Casket’s exclusive body side and end carving accents enhance their appeal and address local and regional decorative casket themes.”

Initially, the new Vision Casket line will include select, oak, and cherry species, manufactured to adhere to the rigorous quality standards of all Vandor products. With the Vision expansion into valued-priced hardwood, customers can now receive a wide variety of funeral and cremation products on the same truck, without the need for protective blankets, which helps to greatly reduce cost per unit and will shrink inventory stocking levels. While many other casket companies have moved production out of the United States, Vandor Corporation remains committed to manufacturing in the United States.

About Vandor Corporation’s Funeral Products Division: The Funeral Products Division is comprised of several leading brands in funeral service, including Starmark Cremation Products; CJ Boots, manufacturer of traditional hardwood caskets; and, Vision Casket, manufacturer of cloth-cover, veneer, and hardwood caskets.

About Vision Casket Company: The leaders of Vision Casket have deep roots in the casket business.  In 1989, Alan Elder, Mark Elder, and Gerald Davis founded Elder Davis, Inc. (now owned by others) and created the new standard in cloth-covered caskets with the ELDERLITE corrugated cloth-covered casket, originally developed by Vandor in 1983. Today, Vision Casket offers economical burial and cremation products in lightweight corrugated fiberboard, wood cloth-covered products, an original line of engineered wood veneer products, and Vision solid hardwood caskets.