Thacker Releases iarrange 2.0 February 2016

Thacker Caskets announces the release of iArrange 2.0, an advanced version of their revolutionary virtual showroom interface that arranges and displays caskets. iArrange 2.0 adds a new dimension to the already user-friendly portal and now allows online ordering, global price changing, greater search functionality, and the option for funeral homes to display urns along with caskets. Staying current with the ever-changing industry trends and listening to customers’ needs and suggestions has helped improve the online platform to meet the current needs of funeral homes and the families they serve.

According to the 2015 Member General Price List Survey conducted by the National Funeral Directors Association, the largest portion of a funeral is spent on the casket. iArrange was developed by Thacker to provide funeral homes with an additional innovative platform to display funeral home merchandise, recognizing the casket is typically the family’s largest cost.

Cynthia Bankhead II, Manager and Funeral Director at Toombs Funeral Home in Muskegon Heights, Michigan, has been using Thacker’s iArrange to display caskets for six months and has found it to be well received by the families they are servicing. “They are very impressed with our technology upgrade. The ability to view the casket in 360-degree views is what helps sell the product because it helps the family visualize what the casket will look like at every point of the service,” said Bankhead.

With the ability to create custom showrooms, iArrange provides funeral homes the tools to merchandise products accordingly to help improve the selling process and increase profits. “The sales process is quicker in iArrange, typically in a showroom families will get stuck between two to three caskets but iArrange allows for a smoother sales process. Within a few months of using iArrange I noticed families are buying at higher price points and it has increased my sales drastically! This is an A+ for me,” Bankhead explained.

iArrange 2.0 is also a resource for funeral homes to manage their current and past orders. With a database that tracks current and preneed arrangements, the new version of iArrange is designed to assist funeral homes to better monitor their family’s requests. “We not only wanted to create a way to allow funeral homes to seamlessly display merchandise to families, but also a one-stop tool.  Now with the ability to order online and track your history, iArrange keeps funeral homes in control of all of their key business insights,” said Sara Thacker, Information Technology Director at Thacker Caskets.

Thacker has gained invaluable insight from their customers and iArrange users to help enhance the system.  iArrange is a truly scalable program and Thacker Caskets is continuously improving the interface to create the ultimate funeral home merchandising solution.

iArrange 2.0  becomes available to currents users February 1, 2016. For more information on iArrange visit or call 800-637-8891.