Thacker Caskets Donates Demonstration Casket to Ogechee Technical College

Thacker Caskets recently “paid it forward” to the next generation of funeral directors by donating a casket to the mortuary science program at Ogeechee Technical College. The casket will be used to teach and educate Ogeechee’s mortuary science students on casket components as well as the value features of burial caskets.

Ogeechee Technical College, accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education, affords students the opportunity to earn their Associate’s Degree of Applied Science in Funeral Service Education. Ogeechee aims to prepare students for the successful completion of all necessary board examinations and prepare the student for the rigors of daily work within the funeral industry. Currently, Ogeechee has 103 students enrolled in various stages of the curriculum.

Faculty member Jack Norvell reached out to Thacker requesting a demo casket for the mortuary science program. Jack, a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer for over 45 years, expressed his excitement in being able to have a casket for the students to practice with. Jack grew up in his own family’s funeral business and began teaching in the mid 2000’s.

Michele Rupar, Program Director of Funeral Service Education at Ogeechee, commented, “We are pleased to build a strong relationship with Thacker Caskets. Our students will certainly benefit from the opportunity.” Lori Anderson-Gordon, Thacker’s South Georgia Sales Consultant, said, “I was thrilled to be able to give back to Ogeechee’s mortuary science program. Several of my customers have not only graduated from Ogeechee but also teach and speak to students of the program on a regular basis. It is wonderful to be able to do what I can to partner with my customers and give back to the future generation of funeral directors.”

VP of Sales and Marketing for Thacker Caskets, Danielle Thacker, added, “Our company has been in business for over 75 years and has always maintained a strong commitment to supporting mortuary science programs in areas that we service. The dedicated students enrolled in these programs are the future of the funeral industry!”

Thacker Caskets, Inc. was founded in 1939 in Washington, D.C. Over the course of time, Thacker has grown to become the largest family-owned casket company in the United States, and 3rd largest casket company overall. For more information on Thacker, please visit and 800-637-8891.