Pierce Chemical Introduces Royal 33 Cavity Fluid

The Pierce Chemical Company, a division of The Wilbert Group, has announced the rollout of a new and highly improved cavity fluid known as Royal 33. The product launch is timed to coincide with the 33-year anniversary of Pierce’s purchase of the Royal Bond Company originally in St. Louis, MO. Royal 33 index offers unique benefits to morticians and embalmers including ultramodern surface tension reducers that yield superior penetration and preservation and broad-spectrum microbial additives. Royal 33 is available beginning March 1, 2022.

David Hicks, National Sales Manager for Pierce Chemical, is excited about the chemical make-up of the product. “Royal 33 provides for a firm, dry cavity with tissue gas control, and has no additional additives. We believe it will be appreciated by embalming professionals across the industry.”

Lance Ray, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Pierce Chemical, is mindful of the historical significance of Royal 33. “This modern-day chemical cavity fluid truly honors the rich heritage of both the former Royal Bond Company and Pierce Chemical. With the development of this product, we are advancing the preservation of two extraordinarily rich legacies.”