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Benefits & Features of CFSA Membership
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Being a member of CFSA is more than a wall plaque in the office, or a sticker on the door to your business. It’s a network of people who not only understand what you do, they do what you do. When asking a CFSA member why they wouldn’t be without their membership, the number one reason they will cite is the people of the association - their collective experience, as well as their willingness to assist fellow members with business challenges and opportunities alike. The network of CFSA – considered by many members as their “professional family” - is indeed a powerful asset to anyone in the supply chain of funeral service!

Download CFSA's printable membership brochure.


Professional & Social Networking

The “magic” of any association is the relationships we create with fellow members, and how those add value to our lives and our businesses. The Fall Conference & Trade Show, for example, is designed not only to inform and educate, but also to facilitate networking between and among members, future members and friends, all in an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun. The value of such gatherings has been magnified this year, as we lived through a period when we couldn’t gather and network as we would have liked. This experience as we navigated a global health crisis has reminded us why we need to do events like these, and the importance of providing these wonderful opportunities for our members.


Online Funeral Home Credit Guide

"Our company has had a long relationship with CFSA and it certainly has been to our advantage. Being a small company providing a specialized product to the funeral industry, we rely heavily on CFSA's credit reporting. With thousands of customers spread across North America, the CFSA Credit Guide is without rival in our industry."

--Mike Mims, Cherokee Casket Co.

Considered by members to be among the most valued membership benefit offered, the Funeral Home Credit Guide is accessible online whenever you need it. Members share their credit experiences via this proprietary tool, which is used daily by the credit managers and owners of CFSA member firms to make important business decisions. This tool alone has saved members tens of thousands of dollars annually!


The credit guide is currently undergoing a makeover, featuring more meaningful reports, easier data entry and even easier searches to find what you need quickly and easily. The reporting is easy to understand and use for credit-granting decisions. Look for the new credit guide to be unveiled this fall!


First Class Communications Strategy

With features like the CFSA Insider quarterly newsletter, along with timely as-needed email news pieces of breaking news and important developments, CFSA keeps members informed of issues that affect their business individually, and our industry collectively. We keep members in tune with everything from industry trends to various compliance issues, and anything else critical to the funeral service supply world. When critical information is needed, CFSA delivers in real time.

Industry Visibility & Credibility

CFSA regularly features member news online here at, as well as our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Members routinely send us their company news releases, which we plug into the several professional media outlets serving the death care sector. Garnering positive press and good visibility is just one of the many services CFSA provides its membership family. Members enjoy utilizing the universally-recognized and respected CFSA logo in their own marketing materials and on their websites, demonstrating to their customers and stakeholders their proud adherence to the high professional standards upheld by CFSA.


Industry Statistics

"The quarterly casket sales statistical reports produced by CFSA are extremely useful, and are not produced by anyone else in the death care industry. We use them to help us forecast our sales and marketing strategy in the markets we serve. Along with the credit data, we find them invaluable."

--Tina Houck, Schulkill Haven Casket Co.
Like many trade and professional associations, CFSA gathers information on a variety of important data points and shares these trending reports with members to help them make critical directional business decisions. Our areas of data collection and analysis include casket sales, import and export of funeral merchandise, disposition trends and other supply-related statistical tendencies meaningful to funeral service supply chain pros.

Casket Sales Data

In a new, updated platform, the Casket Sales Program allows members to input data regarding the various types of caskets and containers they manufactured and shipped, quarter-by-quarter. By examining the trends, members can see not only amalgamated sales figures, but also what the market is demanding regarding shell material, features and trending tastes in caskets and other burial/cremation containers.

Debt Collection Services

Sought-after discounted rates and preferred access to professional debt collection services through our professional partners at the CST Company, one of the most respected names in professional collections. CFSA members receive discounts of 20-25% on services provided by CST.


Searchable Membership Directory

Quickly locate information about fellow CFSA member companies and employees using our online or printed directories.


Find a Supplier

The Find A Supplier  searchable feature allows you to promote your business to the death care industry and easily find the product or service you need. In essence, this facilitates new business opportunities looking for and finding you!


DOT Program

Your job is to sell product and make money. Let us handle your DOT compliance and remove that burden from your desk. Designed especially for CFSA members who have logistics/trucking operations with CDL drivers.


Managing Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements can be a tremendous undertaking and can even be quite scary, especially when fines for even minor violations can exceed $20,000. As a supplier professional, you have better ways to use your time than constantly monitoring and wondering if you are going to survive the next DOT audit.


That’s why CFSA brings to you a DOT compliance program that addresses your compliance needs, regardless of the size and scope of your operation. With pricing at member-only discounted rates, your participation in this program will take a mandated requirement and make it an efficient, seamless experience for you. No more guessing if you’re actually compliant. That peace-of-mind itself is worth your participation.


Features of this improved program include:

  • No “access” or “registration” fees.Your CFSA dues payment is your access.
  • Driver Qualification Files (DQFs) available to you 24/7 via secure web access.
  • Drug and other testing results quickly and sent electronically
  • Pricing that makes your CFSA membership a critical asset to your business
  • Program administered by ITI, the leading compliance firm in the nation


HR Extension

Whether you are a business owner, HR professional, or have been put in charge of handling HR, HR Extension is designed to come alongside you and your team to provide support and expertise in developing, growing, enhancing, or assisting with your organization's human resources and human capital goals.


Designed specifically for CFSA members, this bundled service approach gives you and the leaders in your company access to HR and Talent Management professionals from HRD Advisory Group who have over 120 years of collective experience - all for less than the cost of a part-time HR professional. Our focus is on improving business operations through employee processes, development, engagement and retention. Additionally, the program provides access to resources such as benchmarking, talent development, a learning management system and HR resource libraries.


Essential Online Compliance Manual

Laws and rules change all the time, especially in the areas of logistics and transportation. CFSA helps you keep up with these by always providing updated resources at your fingertips.


CFSA is consistently developing new member benefits and features, in many cases based on service and program suggestions from our members themselves. Our Board and staff take those ideas and start the process of developing them into concrete reality. Our members help shape and grow their Association all the time.You can, too!

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