New England Cremation Supply Forms New Nonprofit

New England Cremation Supply and its affiliate company, Cremation Metal Recycling, are pleased to announce the formation of a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit recycling company, Responsible Recycling Charitable Foundation. The purpose of the new nonprofit is to support any funeral home/crematory which chooses to donate all post-cremation metal recycling settlement profits to a charity of its choice.

Due to ethical concerns, many funeral homes don’t wish to profit from the sale of their cremation metal. Many feel that recycling is the most responsible and environmentally safe method of disposing of cremation metal and that charitable donations are the most ethical method of handling any settlement profits that result from the refining of cremation metal.

Responsible Recycling Charitable Foundation will provide the funeral home/crematory with “certification” that they are participating with our nonprofit company, and that all profits are donated to a charity. Our certificate can be displayed in their reception area so that their clients will understand their policy with respect to how they handle their loved ones’ cremation metal.

For more information regarding our non-profit recycling company, please contact:

Gerald Bowman, Founder
Responsible Recycling
Charitable Foundation
20 Spaulding Ave., Suite C
Rochester, NH 03868