Have The Talk Of A Lifetime Month

Have the Talk of a Lifetime Month: Time for Family, Time for Talk is just a few months away! It’s not too early to think about events you want to hold in November. Last year we had great participation. Many funeral professionals held local events which drew in people from their local communities. It’s a fantastic opportunity to engage with your community. 

FAMIC will hold a webinar on August 24th at 1:30pm CDT which will prepare you to have the most success during Have the Talk of a Lifetime Month! 

Follow this link to register via GoToWebinar: http://bit.ly/2ukN4rx 

You do not want to miss this! We will cover the key event days, how to use materials to promote your event, and tips on setting up and hosting a great event.

We’ve got exciting news! The first 10 members to register a Have the Talk of a Lifetime Month event will receive a free event starter kits which include: 20 copies of the Holiday Guide, 20 copies of the Activity Guide, 5 decks of Conversation cards and 5 sheets of Have the Talk of a Lifetime “I Talked” stickers. Just email for information on setting up your event, or for any questiHavetheTalkofaLifetime@gmail.com

Are You in the Find a Funeral Professional Search Tool? 
If you haven’t already done so, sign up for this free and easy opportunity to add your place of business to the Find a Funeral Professional Search Tool database on talkofalifetime.org. As a member of CFSA you can sign up by following these easy steps:

Visit www.talkofalifetime.org/search-yourself/
Search your zip code to see if your business is already listed. If your business is not in the search results, simply complete the web form and submit for review
You’ll then receive an email once your business is added to the search tool (within two business days)

Wish to register your November event? Have questions? Email: HavetheTalkofaLifetime@gmail.com

CFSA is a member of FAMIC, the association that provides the Have the Talk program.