Have the Talk of a Lifetime®: Conversation Cards

The Funeral and Memorial Information Council (FAMIC), of which CFSA is one of 10 member organizations, created Have the Talk of a Lifetime to help families have important conversations about the things that matter most to them and how a person’s life story can be remembered and honored in a meaningful way.

Looking for new ways to engage your consumers? The Have the Talk of a Lifetime Conversation Cards are an interactive tool used to help families and friends Have the Talk of a Lifetime in a fun new way. This deck of 50 cards contains unique conversation starters that get loved ones sharing stories that matter most to them!

How can you use the cards to engage your community? Host a game night at your local business! Maybe you want to brand them with your logo and provide them as a give-a-way at the next big community event? You can donate packs to your local hospice and senior centers.

As a CFSA member you receive a special discounted rate when purchasing the cards. The standard price for a deck is $10, however, you can get your decks for $5 each! To take advantage of the special pricing, call NFDA at 800.228.6332 or email orders@nfda.org. Be sure to ask about customizing the box with your firm’s brand!
To illustrate how they can be used, we drew from the deck of cards and asked a few of our CFSA leaders to each answer one question:

Q: “How did you meet your spouse?”
Jerry Burchett: “I met Patti in high school in Biology class!!! So I married my high school sweetheart 38 years ago!!!”

Q: “What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited? What made it beautiful?”
Tina Houck: “After thinking about several beautiful places I have had the opportunity to see, I keep coming back to my visit to see the Hoover Dam. Standing on the road that runs across the top of the dam, you are surrounded by the natural beauty of the deep blue waters of Lake Mead and the incredible man-made construction of the dam.  As you stand facing south, with one foot in Nevada and the other in Arizona, you can glance up and view the bridge which spans high above the Colorado River gorge.  It truly is breathtaking to see, and when you stop to consider what it took to construct the dam, it adds an even greater level of appreciation.”

Q: “What have you learned from your children or other young people in your life/family?”
Rodney Robinson: “Enjoy today, enjoy your family and friends, and spend as much time with them as you can. Most of all, don’t take the time you have together for granted!”

Q: “What is the best lesson you learned from your mom, dad, or other role model?”
Pete Galletly: “My parents gave me so much good advice, I’m stumped to figure which would be at the top of the list.  There are several people in my life outside my family who have been very supportive, one of which I consider a mentor.  He always expressed for me to be true to yourself, so you can be true to others.  And, be aware enough to apply my strengths but, most of all, to pay additional attention and work on my weaknesses.”