Welcome to Our Newest Member: Final Footprint!

The CFSA Board of Directors recently approved a new member: Final Footprint. Please join us in welcoming this company to CFSA! (Note: The contact information for all new members is available 24/7 on our CFSA website.)

Final Footprint
P.O. Box 2726
El Granada, California 94018
Contact: Jane Hillhouse, Founder
O: 650-726-5255
F: 650-897-9841
E: jane@finalfootprint.com
Web: www.finalfootprint.com

Jane Hillhouse, founder of Final Footprint, began her company in 2005 and is well-versed in the death care industry. She has informally networked with many CFSA-member companies over the years, and is now interested in joining to reach out to distributors and manufacturers as potential partners. Her company is best described by this excerpt taken from her membership application: “Final Footprint is a supplier of biodegradable caskets, trays, and urns, for use throughout the United States. We started by purchasing the distribution rights from Ecoffins, an English-based, fair trade, biodegradable casket business in 2008. In addition, we have since created our own line and sell to the public and funeral homes across America and Canada. The materials used are banana, bamboo rattan, and sea grass, and linings of kapok or organic cotton fabric. No metal is used in the construction. Having studied the industry, including burial, Jane took classes in home funerals, and is able to advise and assist with families in this area.” Additional useful information, including Jane’s bio, is on the company’s website: www.finalfootprint.com.