CFSA Podcast: Poul Lemasters on fuel surcharges

Economic factors like the spike in gas prices has impacted many industries, and funeral supply is not immune.

We put an anonymous survey to our members over the past couple of weeks asking about how they have been impacted, and more than 60% of respondents said they have either implemented a fuel surcharge, plan to do so or are considering it. What’s interesting is while no one likes to pay more money, all the companies that have either implemented a surcharge or have started talking about doing so said their customers have all either largely understood the need or at least had mixed responses – none said the response had been mostly or entirely negative.

In the latest episode of our podcast series, Executive Director Tim Murphy talked with Poul Lemasters of Lemasters Consulting about what he’s hearing from the funeral homes he’s working with. Poul began his career in deathcare more than 25 years ago as a funeral director and embalmer before going to law school. He now advises several funeral home, crematory, cemetery, and trade associations across the United States. CFSA members may remember him as the keynote speaker at our 2019 conference.

Listen to the podcast using the player below to hear our discussion with Poul, where he also tackles the latest round of M&A in our industry and what overall he sees going well in funeral supply – and what needs improvement.

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