Leigh Fibers celebrates 100 years of global textile innovation

Join Leigh Fibers in celebrating 100 years of innovative fiber processing solutions on a global scale. Leigh will be introducing yet another state of the art piece of equipment that will open up new non-automotive markets for the company and it’s customers. This unique thermal bonded Airlay line will help expedite fiber development and help us to better understand the fiber’s value in the finished product. Continuing to invest in the value that recycled fibers creates in the non-woven market will shorten the development process for new engineered fibers and allow the company to better communicate the advantages of the overall product to both the customer and the end consumer.

Leigh’s ultimate goal in introducing this new equipment in conjunction with the 100 year anniversary is to
prove to long time partners and prospective customers that the company is dedicated to the development of new processes that will benefit them for the next 100 years to come. The company wants to assure partners that this new technology will not compete with them in the market and is specifically designed to
better support them in a tight labor and supply chain environment.

Leigh Fibers is an international manufacturer of engineered fiber solutions and is recognized as one of North America’s oldest family-owned textile recycling and trading companies. The company’s reputation is built on industry experience, constant innovation and long-term relationships. Leigh’s expertise spans across several markets including: automotive, bedding, caskets, furniture, apparel, acoustic insulation, sporting equipment, specialty fibers and more.