CFSA Podcast: Chris Kuehl on the economy’s impact on funeral supply

In an already hectic year, an economic futurist says things will likely get more hectic before they finally calm down.

Dr. Chris Kuehl of Armada Corporate Intelligence told CFSA’s executive director Tim Murphy that we could see a sense of normalcy again in 2023, but the hectic and unpredictable economy is sticking around for a while this year first.

“We’re going to go through a great deal of turmoil for the next several quarters because we’re in the middle of sort of unprecedented territory,” Kuehl said on a CFSA Connect podcast episode released Thursday, March 17. “We know that the Russia-Ukraine situation has drastically altered a lot of the expectations for this year. The crisis de jour is oil and energy, which we’ve all been dealing with the last several weeks and that’s probably not going to work itself out until a little later into the year.”

Kuehl will be the keynote speaker at CFSA’s Annual Conference & Trade Show in Indianapolis April 25 – 26. During Thursday’s podcast episode, he previewed what he’ll talk about in that address, as well as why he thinks the current string of mergers and acquisitions in the funeral supply industry could see a further boost through mid-2022, and the biggest mistake he sees clients make when tracking the economy and how it’s impacting the industry.

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