Thacker Caskets voted #1 in service and #2 in product quality

Thacker Caskets is privileged to be selected number one in service in the Funeral Service Insider’s 2021 annual casket survey. Committed customer service has been the foundation of the funeral supplier’s business since its inception in 1939.

Danielle Thacker, VP of sales and marketing, said “We are thrilled to once again be voted #1 in the service category. One of the six core values of our company is to be caring. For us, this means being mindful of the industry we serve every day. Our #1 ranking in service is a clear example of how much our team cares about every customer we serve and every product we deliver.”

As a company that is family owned and operated, Thacker Caskets would like to express gratitude to each of their employees for their commitment and dedication to the company, as well as to the funeral homes the company serves. In addition, Thacker Caskets would like to personally thank their customer base for their continued trust in them with their funeral home wants and needs.

Dan Zimmerman, customer service manager, said “It’s a great honor to lead a team that is as hard working as the one we have at Thacker Caskets. The customer is the focus of everything we do, and I believe it really shows, not just in the back to back number 1 in service ranking, but in the customers that we get to know day in and day out on a personal level. We look forward to providing the best service and services that we can and hope to be a steward in quality service for the industry for years to come.”

In addition to being ranked number one in service, Thacker Caskets was also ranked number two in casket quality. Thacker is honored to be among the best casket manufacturers and would like to thank the entire manufacturing team for their tireless efforts in producing the highest quality product. Thacker is thrilled to see how their ranking has steadily increased through the years and look forward to continuing their pursuit of providing an honest product, at an honest price, with honest service.

Vice president of manufacturing, Justin Thacker, said, “The fact that Thacker has been ranked #2 in terms of product quality by funeral home professionals is a testament to the work being done every day by our outstanding team in Florence, Alabama. Many within the industry have the perception that a great quality product is only available from the corporate manufacturers, but that simply is not the case. At Thacker, in just the past year alone, we have invested over three million dollars into our manufacturing capabilities to continually raise the bar in terms of innovation and quality. We opened a new production facility this year to keep pace with our growth trajectory for many years to come. These investments are paying dividends and our customers are seeing these improvements every day.”