C.J. Boots Adds Five New Models to Craft Casket Line

Inspiration can come from a variety of sources – a walk in the woods, a sunset on a lake, or the shower in the morning. For Chris Boots of C. J. Boots Casket Company, one of the country’s leading manufacturers of solid hardwood, veneer, and cremation caskets, inspiration for new and innovative casket models is found in a barn in Lapel, Indiana.

“When I first met Jennifer (Spitz) of Distressed by Design and toured her workshop located inside a barn in Lapel, I felt an immediate connection,” stated Boots, President of C. J. Boots Casket Company. “She provides inspiration and the barn acts as a great stimulus; C. J. Boots is indeed fortunate to have this creative relationship with Jennifer.”

This uncommon arrangement has resulted in five new models to C.J. Boots’ Craft Casket line:

Harvest Pine – a solid pine facetted top casket featuring a rough barn finish and rosetan crepe interior with barn scene head panel

Going Home Pine – a solid pine round top casket offering a satin finish and white crepe interior with bird images on the lugs and a head panel offering birds and the words, “Going Home”

Whitewash Oak – a solid oak facetted top casket with a rough barn, white wash finish and a white crepe interior with a “Lived, Laughed, Loved” head panel

Antique Pine – a solid pine flat top casket with a satin finish and rosetan crepe interior with a baker pipe head panel

Chamberlain Popular – a solid hardwood round top casket with a satin finish and champagne linen interior with a doric head panel. A beautiful unique antique blue color adorns the exterior of this casket.

Spitz’s influence can best be seen in the Antique Pine, Chamberlain, and Whitewash Oak models. Each of these caskets offers an exterior with a distinctive distressed wood appearance and other unique design features. “I’ve always had a great deal of respect and admiration for funeral directors and the funeral profession,” commented Spitz. “I look forward to assisting Chris with the design and look of additional caskets in the Craft Casket line that can help play a role in the memorialization process for grieving families.”

By combining the skills of traditional artisans and the use of state-of-the-art woodworking machinery, C.J. Boots Casket Company manufactures only the highest quality solid hardwood, veneer and cremation caskets. In an effort to bridge the gap between “old world craftsmanship” and ”lean manufacturing”, the company continues to develop new and innovative manufacturing processes. For more information, please visit the website at