Thacker Introduces New Brand Logo and Company Divisions

Thacker Caskets has undergone a rebranding to better reflect not only its casket division, but also its recent efforts to provide a comprehensive cremation product line, consultative and merchandising support, and custom marketing programs.  The company divisions of Thacker Caskets now also include: Thacker Cremation, Thacker Consulting, and Thacker Creative.

Thacker Cremation’s flagship product is the Remembrance Line of metal rental ceremonial caskets.  Also under the umbrella of the Thacker Cremation line are engraved urns, cremation boxes, deluxe cremation boxes, rental casket inserts, and more.
Thacker Consulting provides funeral homes with a strategic business plan and merchandising solutions specific to the funeral home inclusive of their current problems and potential challenges they might face in the future.

Thacker Creative enhances funeral home’s exposure and branding by creating comprehensive custom marketing materials.  These marketing materials showcase and display each funeral home’s service and product offerings.

Thacker Caskets remains a true American-made product with Thacker Casket Manufacturing located in Florence, Alabama. Thacker Casket Manufacturing employs nearly 200 people dedicated to crafting an American-made quality product. For further information on all services provided by Thacker, contact: Danielle Thacker, VP of Sales and Marketing, 800-637-889,