Sauder Whitman Casket Now Available 28” Oversized & Full Couch

From a press release.

Sauder Funeral Products has added a 28” oversized and full couch casket to its popular Whitman line, an eco-friendly model with an attractive blue laminate exterior that provides a distinctive casket, appealing to budget-conscious families. The 28” width oversized Whitman casket can provide funeral homes with inventory efficiencies by eliminating the need to carry both the 27” and 29” size caskets.

“While this is an efficient compromise when it comes to inventory, there is certainly no compromise when it comes to product quality,” said Mark Klingenberger, Director of Sales & Marketing, Sauder Funeral Products. Made of 100% engineered wood with a weight capacity of 1,100 pounds, both units have all the features of the regular-size unit including a white flat crepe interior, ¾ length adjustable bed, and the Sauder EZ FitTM pillow.

“The Whitman casket was introduced just last year, and it has been enthusiastically accepted by funeral homes and families alike,” said Klingenberger. “We believe adding a 28” oversized and full couch to the Whitman line will further help our customers meet the demand for an attractive casket at an attractive price.”

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