Astral Purchases New Trucks

Astral Industries, Inc., recently announced that its subsidiary, Astral Carrier, Inc., has added six new trucks to their over-the-road fleet.  These 2015 International ProSTAR, automated manual transmission, trucks are rated “Best in Class” for aerodynamics. The advanced engine and powertrain technologies provide 3% to 6% better fuel mileage economy. This means big savings on transportation costs, which Astral is delighted to be able to pass along to their customers.  “We’re excited about this opportunity to invest in our customers,” said Ron Battista, Transportation Manager for Astral Carrier.  “We know that transportation costs have a significant impact on the bottom line, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our operations so we can keep prices low.”  The fuel savings alone really made the decision an easy one to purchase the trucks. The fuel savings also helped to make the decision to hold prices on all Astral manufactured products through September 2015. Astral knows that even though many of their customers may never see these trucks, they’ll appreciate the savings reflected in their casket pricing.

To learn more about Astral and its product line, contact your local sales representative or call 800.278.7252.  For inquiries on Astral Carrier’s transportation services, contact Astral Carrier at 888.990.4500 or visit the web at