Industry Statistics

CFSA plays a unique role in providing data that those in the supply industry could not obtain by themselves. This kind of analysis can be exceedingly valuable in making important business decisions for your company.

Statistical data provided by CFSA includes:

  • Total death data, segregated by state/region;
  • Redeveloped Casket Sales Statistics Reporting Program;
  • Reports important to CFSA members from our association partners as well as government agencies

Casket Sales Statistics

This newly-redesigned program is fresher and faster, and features easier-to-understand reporting.

Your casket sales input helps us identify trends and patterns in the ever-changing market, making this program most valuable for manufacturers and distributors alike. And remember: We no longer ask for dollar amounts as we did under the old program; all we ask is quantity of each variety sold.

Another important change to remember is that this is completely anonymous; no one will know the identity of the company associated with the data. Even if you send us raw data so we can input the information for you, as soon as it’s in, we delete the file you sent. Your data is safe and secure, as well as private.

2020 sales data entry

2021 sales data entry

Need to be reminded of your entry code, or want to send us a file of your data so we can input it for you? Easy! Simply send an email to Tim Murphy at tmurphy@cfsaa.org. Thank you!

New to the program? Casket manufacturer members of CFSA can fill out this simple form to get started.

CDC Death Counts

These reports break out the CDC’s death counts by state and quarter. These reports are only available to CFSA members. If you are a member, simply login to access the data.