Welcome to Our Newest Members!

The CFSA Board of Directors recently approved two new members: Fontana de Trevi, S.A. (Voting Member) and Life-Boxes, LLC (Associate Member, reserved for companies new to the industry). Please join us in welcoming these companies to CFSA! (Note: The contact information for all new members is available 24/7 on our CFSA website.)


Fontana de Trevi, S.A. (Voting Member)
7 ave. 3-74, Zona 9, Edificio 74, Oficina 401
Guatemala 01009
Contact: Mr. German Cerezo, Business Development
O: 502 7935 5272
F: 502 7935 5520
E: gcerezo@fontanadetrevi.net
Web: www.fontanadetrevi.net/en

Fontana de Trevi, S.A., headquartered in Guatemala, is interested in expanding into the U.S. market. Opened in 2005, the company includes this description on its website: “Fontana de Trevi, Inc., is a corporation that specializes in the development of wood products, specifically high quality solid-wood caskets. It provides employment directly for more than 100 people, who have over time achieved a high degree of specialization and provide their services directly at the plant.” Mr. Cerezo recently added this company description: “Fontana is a family-owned company initiated in Italy in the 1940´s dedicated exclusively to the design and manufacturing of quality wooden caskets. In 1990, the production moved to Guatemala, Central America. Export markets include Central America, Italy, Northern Europe, and USA.”

Life-Boxes, LLC
 (Associate Member)
P.O. Box 629
Walpole, MA 02081
Contact: Ms. Beth Murphy, Principal
O: 508-535-LIFE (5433)
F: 508-668-0436
E: BethMurphy@life-boxes.com
W: www.Life-Boxes.com (website will launch in a few weeks)

Beth Murphy spent over 25 years in higher education in eastern Massachusetts, just south of Boston, and recently left that career to begin her own business in what she referred to as “the death and dying industry”. Although her new company, Life-Boxes, LLC, is brand new and is awaiting trademark and patent approval, her business plan is to build and sell “custom cremation caskets”. She plans to sell to funeral homes, distributors, and the public. As a CFSA member, Beth can now use materials from the “Have The Talk Of A Lifetime” campaign that CFSA supports through the Funeral & Memorial Information Council (FAMIC). Beth has spoken with funeral directors and hospice administrators, and would also like to offer “counseling and therapeutic” services to families in the community.