Welcome to our Newest Member!

The CFSA Board of Directors recently approved a new member: Wayland Caskets (Associate Member, reserved for companies new to the industry). Please join us in welcoming this company to CFSA! (Note: The contact information for all new members is available 24/7 on our CFSA website.)

Wayland Caskets

4441 Baldwin Ave., Unit A
El Monte, California 91731
Contact: Ms. Jenny Cheng, Sales Manager
O: 626-542-3462
F: 626-542-3271
E: jenny@waylandcaskets.com
W: www.waylandcaskets.com

Wayland Caskets just began selling caskets in the United States in February, 2016. The parent company in China is Hualan Enterprises Inc., a casket manufacturer and exporter for the last 20 years. Wayland Caskets is the first attempt of the parent company to sell in the U.S. From the company’s website: “Wayland Caskets is founded to be your premier source for high quality caskets at competitive prices. We are located in El Monte, California, just about 15 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. We are factory direct from China. Our factory has over 20+ years of experience manufacturing and exporting to the United States, Japan and European countries.” I spoke with Ms. Jenny Cheng, Sales Manager, who has worked in the U.S. for the last five years with another company, then left to help start Wayland Caskets in early 2016. She said she viewed joining CFSA as a means to network with (and learn from) other members, and to promote her product to other member distributors and manufacturers.