Welcome to Our Newest Member!

The CFSA Board of Directors recently approved a new Associate Member (reserved for companies new to the industry). Please join us in welcoming Joe Strubel back to CFSA! (Note: The contact information for all new members is available 24/7 on our CFSA website.)

Prescription Coatings LLC (Associate Membership)
1311 Fireside Ct.
Union, Kentucky 41091
O: 765-458-5157
C: 859-250-2227
F: 765-458-5159

Contact: Mr. Joseph Strubel, Owner

Prescription Coatings LLC is a brand new company, formed in 2015 by Joe Strubel, a former Director on the CFSA Board of Directors (2010-13). As a new service provider to manufacturers, Joe will serve as a technical sales representative for industrial paint coatings. He will primarily be representing Winslow-Browning, Inc., a CFSA-member manufacturing company of casket paints and coatings, but Joe has formed a separate company and is not an employee of Winslow-Browning. He envisions representing other companies, too. On his new membership, Joe added: “I am returning to CFSA, and actually never left. I am independent now, and my newly-formed company is Prescription Coatings LLC. I represent Winslow-Browning, Inc., and the powerful team of people there who continue to service the casket industry and are committed to providing quality coatings on time. I am excited about my new venture and look forward to seeing everyone in November.”