W & M Manufacturing Celebrates 50th Birthday

We don’t usually run articles in the CFSA Newsletter recognizing individual members’ birthdays, but this one was too good to pass up!

Thanks to “inside information” obtained from Kellie Morningstar, our investigative journalism uncovered a hilarious 50th birthday prank for former CFSA Board member Jim Hiester, President of W&M Manufacturing in Portland, Indiana. Secretly and confidentially, Kellie shared: “We have a celebration I’d like to share with you and I was wondering if you could add it to the next Newsletter… (hahahaha…hehehehe LOL!! ) Jim Hiester will be celebrating his 50th Birthday on Dec. 25th 2016!!!”

As you can see in the adjacent photo, Jim took it all in as fun as he entered his office full of black balloons! Added Kellie, “We spent yesterday celebrating his special day by having everyone in the entire facility dress in black, with 50 black balloons greeting him as he opened his office door. One of our employees made him a delicious ‘over the hill’ cake and, to top it off, his wife Jenny and two children, Carson and Ciara, brought him a surprise lunch!  To say the least, he was overly surprised!”

So, Jim, on behalf of the CFSA officers, board members, and staff, Happy 50th Birthday!