Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc. has changed its name to Victoriaville & Co.

From a press release.

With 70 years of exclusive commitment toward the funeral industry, and to support the company’s growth strategy, Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc. has made the decision to reinvent and refocus its efforts by revitalizing its brand: Victoriaville & Co.

The change of name is coincident with a number of significant events, including the integration of the fourth generation of the Dumont family, continued growth outside Canada resulting in several new hires, increased development through the pursuit of a transition towards Industry 4.0, and the forthcoming deployment of a new and more informative website.

Victoriaville & Co. aims at becoming a market leader by playing a major role in bringing the funeral service experience to a new level. To achieve this goal, Victoriaville & Co. pledges to design and manufacture top quality wooden products with great passion, and to market a wide range of funeral products to ensure that grieving families can honor the life of their loved one.

Bilingual, modern, and refined, the new Victoriaville & Co.’s signature depicts how important its colleagues, its collaborators, and the community really are to the company. Today, the company is a manufacturer, a distributor, an agent of change, and an influencer. In fact, what it does best is ingrained in tribute. Nothing less. For further information, contact the address below or visit


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