Tiedemann-Bevs Industries Changes Ownership – Company and Employees to Remain in Indiana

Tiedemann-Bevs Industries, a 150-year-old company and CFSA member since 1965, recently announced its next chapter in ownership. On September 26, 2016, Strength Capital Partners of Birmingham, Michigan, and Cincinnati, Ohio, completed the purchase of Tiedemann-Bevs Industries of Richmond, Indiana. Focused on the acquisition and continued operation of businesses primarily located in the Midwest, Strength Capital’s core values bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and youthful professionalism in operating manufacturing and distribution companies.

This functioning turnkey partnership for Tiedemann-Bevs has provided Bob (President) and Pete (Executive Vice­President) Galletly a pathway to continue operating the business while strategically positioning its future success with Strength Capital’s skillful involvement. It has always been the desire of the Galletlys to continue the rich history of the company, maintain its talented workforce in its current location, and continue to provide the best possible goods and services for its customers.

Mike Bergeron, a senior partner of Strength Capital, graduated from Richmond (Indiana) High School and is a former keynote speaker for the Wayne County Annual Chamber Dinner. Bergeron said, “I am thrilled to be able to be part of a community which has meant so much to me.” Bob Galletly had this to say: “We are extremely pleased to have partnered with such a wonderful and dedicated group to achieve our goals, continue our strong history and, especially, benefit our people here in Richmond.” Tiedemann-Bevs’ General Manager, Pam Soper, said, “I’m happy for the Galletlys, who have been very dedicated to the success of all of us involved at Tiedemann-Bevs, and we look forward to our new chapter together.”

The Tiedemann-Bevs company name, contact information, personnel, and operations will continue as usual. The company’s goals and dedication to its customers, vendors, and the community remain steadfast.