Thacker Caskets honored as top family-owned business by Washington Business Journal

Thacker Caskets was honored this spring as one of the top family-owned businesses in the Greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area by the Washington Business Journal. Thacker was selected as one of 15 total companies that were honored out of the growing Washington, D.C. metropolitan region.

Honorees included all types of multi-generational family-owned and operated businesses including engineering firms, real estate development firms, gourmet grocers, piano manufacturers, and more.

Ratner Cos., the $500 million-dollar company behind the hair salon brands Hair Cuttery and Bubbles, was alongside Thacker as one of the honorees. Mars, Inc., which has an annual revenue of $35 billion dollars, took home the Washington Business Journal’s Centennial Award. Mars, Inc. is most famous for its candy brands such as M&M’s, Snickers, Starburst, and more; they are involved in the pet care business as well.

In consideration for the award, the Washington Business Journal sought out businesses that had two or more generations currently working and running a family-owned, privately-held business. In addition, those businesses must have been founded in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. “The call from the Washington Business Journal simply informing us that they had researched our company and were considering us as a candidate to become an honoree was exciting enough. Then when we got the call that we were selected as one of only 15 honorees in the entire region, our entire family was ecstatic!” said Danielle Thacker, VP of Sales and Marketing.

The Washington Business Journal published an article on each one of its honorees in its March 2nd edition of the journal. The article highlighted specific details on each company, its heritage, and its direction for the future. In addition, the Washington Business Journal held a formal cocktail, dinner, and awards ceremony at the Washington, D.C. Four Seasons Hotel for all the family businesses that were honored. In attendance from Thacker Caskets was Audrey Thacker and Danielle Thacker. “It was truly a wonderful night,” remarked Audrey Thacker. “We got to meet so many wonderful people from so many different types of industries. In the end, we all do the same thing – we all own and operate family businesses.”

“I would never have believed the person who said that one day we would share the same stage as multi-million and multi-billion-dollar companies that own brands like Snickers and Hair Cuttery. We are truly humbled and honored. Our true thank you goes to our employees and family-owned and operated funeral home customers who have built the foundation for our almost 80-year-old company,” remarked CJ Thacker, CEO of Thacker Caskets.

Thacker Caskets, currently serves at the industry’s largest family-owned and operated casket supplier. To read the article published by the Washington Business Journal, visit the following web address For more information or to contact Thacker Caskets directly, please call at 800-637-8891, email, or visit our website at