Starmark Introduces the First Round End Metal Ceremonial Rental Casket

Starmark® Cremation Products, the country’s leading manufacturer of ceremonial rental casket inserts, has announced the introduction of the Cadence, the first round end metal ceremonial rental casket. The Cadence model is manufactured in both perfection cut and full couch and is offered with either a crepe or velvet interior. The 18-gauge steel casket features a metallic automotive grade finish and is available in limited quantities beginning August 1, 2016.

“With our round end corner assembly, we provide funeral homes with two significant advantages over square corner ceremonial rental caskets,” said Gerald Davis, President of Starmark Cremation Products. “The first is a casket profile that’s more aesthetically pleasing to that of square corner models. Also, square corner metal units have the inherent manufacturing issue of open corner seams, while the Cadence has overlapping closed joints in the one piece foot end door assembly.”

The Cadence is made in Indiana to the same high quality standards and attention to detail as every Starmark product. The casket’s foot end door latches and spring dampened hinge system are manufactured for longevity. The adjustable bed system includes multiple rollers for convenient loading and unloading. The casket crank mechanism features ball bearings for easier crank operation for elevating the body. The rental insert for the Cadence includes a comfort grip handle for ease of transport.

“The Cadence features an automotive paint that can be touched up or entirely repainted by an automotive repair shop if necessary,” stated Davis. “Nearly every part on the Cadence can be easily and economically replaced, repainted, or repaired. This rental casket is truly ‘built to last’ and we fully expect funeral homes to benefit from dozens, if not hundreds, of uses if they so choose.”

The Cadence joins the full line of hardwood ceremonial rental caskets offered from Starmark. Available in cherry, oak, poplar, and pine, these wood caskets include many of the same, patented features as the 18-gauge steel Cadence. As a result, the funeral home can offer families a fully merchandised line of ceremonial rental caskets, providing a tremendous value for the consumer and greatly enhanced profitability for the funeral director.

“We are taking suggestions for additional automotive colors that we may be introducing later this 

year,” commented Davis. “We’re looking forward to displaying this at the NFDA convention in October and getting feedback and recommendations as we grow this innovative product line.”


Starmark® Cremation Products, a division of Vandor Corporation, was founded in 2004 and manufacturers in its 200,000 square-foot space at 1620 Rich Road, Richmond, Ind. The 

company manufactures cremation products sold directly to funeral homes and crematories nationwide and through a growing network of distributors.  For more information, please visit the website at