Starmark Cremation Products Improves Coverlet Basic Container with Writeable Exterior

From a press release. 

Starmark Cremation Products has made the new Coverlet™ even better. Starmark has changed the kraft-colored corrugation to white giving cremation families the perfect opportunity to write notes and final words to the deceased prior to cremation. The simple act of memorializing the deceased by writing on the closed container is becoming a popular trend. To make the decorating process easier, the lid of the Coverlet can be taken home by the family and decorated prior to the memorial and/or cremation.

Space-saver design – The Coverlet™ will continue to feature the nesting space-saver design that has made it popular with funeral directors throughout the U.S. A pack of four Coverlets fits into less space than a traditional casket. The preassembled base and knockdown (ships flat) lids of the Coverlet also means no large corrugated sheets to wrangle.
Strong and feature rich – The Coverlet™ is the best Basic Cremation product offering in the industry. The crepe interior with dual overlapping blankets makes an attractive yet modest presentation. With wood reinforced sides and a leak-resistant liner, the strong base has been weight tested to over 400 lbs. The lid assembles easily without fasteners and is held securely to the base with a robust nylon strap and buckle. It’s easy to see why the Coverlet is quickly becoming the product of choice for basic cremation.

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