Starmark® Adds to Sure~Lock™ Urn Product Line

From a press release.

Starmark® Cremation Products, the country’s leading manufacturer of innovative, economically-priced cremation products, has announced the addition of a fourth size to the Sure-Lock™ urn product line, the highest volume urn line in the U.S. Like the other sizes in the Sure~Lock™ line, the new offering features the patented Sure~Lock™ lid latch, which holds tight during shipping. “Our regular black Sure~Lock™ urn, with an internal capacity of 200 cubic inches, has been a best seller year in and year out,” stated Gerald Davis, President of Starmark Cremation Products. “Since this original size also fits inside our recently-introduced PrintUrns™ used for scattering, we’ve seen a noticeable rise in regular Sure-Lock™ urn orders.”

Earlier this year, Starmark introduced two additional sizes in white to complement the regular black plastic model. The medium Sure~Lock™ urn holds approximately 106 cubic inches and the small Sure~Lock™ urn has a capacity of around 67 cubic inches. The brand new extra-small white Sure~Lock™ urn holds approximately 36 cubic inches.

“Customers have asked us to create this new extra small size for two distinctly different uses,” commented Davis. “The first is for use in transporting a small amount of cremated remains on a temporary basis prior to the purchase of a permanent keepsake urn. The second is for use in pet cremations that involve extremely small animals.”

Every Sure~Lock™ urn will fit inside a standard white cardboard urn mailer also available from Starmark. Sure~Lock urns come with small plastic bags and ties for placement of cremated remains inside the urn.

To learn more about the Sure~Lock urn line or to request a copy of the Simple Solutions catalog, contact Starmark at 888-366-7335. Starmark® Cremation Products, a division of Vandor Corporation, was founded in 2004 and manufacturers in its 200,000 square foot space at 1620 Rich Road, Richmond, Indiana. The company manufactures cremation products sold directly to funeral homes and crematories nationwide, and through a growing network of distributors.  For more information, please visit the website at