Sich Casket and Ring Ring Marketing announce partnership

Sich Casket, a leading provider of burial and cremation caskets to funeral homes throughout North America, announced that the company is partnering with Ring Ring Marketing to create the Sich Casket Co-Marketing program that provides Sich distributors with free digital marketing tools for their company and discounts on Ring Ring Marketing services for their funeral home customers.

“We have long realized that the key to the success of Sich Casket is tied to the success of our independent distribution network. Without our distributors, Sich would be unable to deliver our quality caskets to funeral homes,” commented Sirius Chan, president of Sich Casket. “That’s why I am so excited to announce our Co-Marketing Program to give our distributors another marketing tool to build sales in their local markets.”

The program offers Sich distributors the opportunity to receive assistance in several digital marketing areas such as building a new, state-of-the-art website. Also, as part of the program, the distributors will receive monthly updates to their websites at no additional cost. The program also allows distributors to carry out advertising campaigns on Facebook and to employ a remarketing program with Google.

“I’m very excited to contribute to the continued success of Sich Casket and their distributors,” commented Welton Hong, CEO of Ring Ring Marketing. “In recent times, everyone in funeral service has faced major challenges. With cremation rising, revenue per call declining and the current challenges brought on by the pandemic, funeral professionals need to evolve to be successful and the online tools that are part of the Sich Co-Marketing program will be a great resource.”

Also, as part of the program, Sich distributors will be able to offer their customers discounts from Ring Ring Marketing on marketing services such as Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Websites. Also, Sich distributors will have the opportunity to have Welton Hong from Ring Ring Marketing speak at a continuing education seminar that they host, sponsored by Sich Casket.

“We are committed to providing our distributors with best-in-class tools to help build their businesses,” stated Scott Weisenbach, national sales director for Sich Casket. “Sich distributors have access to a full line of marketing resources for use with their customers and the Sich Co-Marketing Program is the latest offering Sich has added to these tools.”

Contact Sirius Chan for more information.