Sauder Funeral Products Unveils New Casket

With texture you can truly feel, Sauder Funeral Products’ newest casket, the Bridgewater, resembles recovered barn siding. The Bridgewater is half the price of solid wood and is disrupting the market with a combination of rustic charm and modern innovation.

The Bridgewater is Sauder Funeral Products’ 16th unique casket and was unveiled last fall at the Casket and Funeral Supply Association’s Fall Conference & Trade Show. It uses the same wood finish technology as Sauder Funeral Products’ previous caskets, but takes it one step further with the addition of surface texture.

“For years, we’ve produced caskets that replicated the look and quality of solid wood at a price point that is much more attainable for the average American family,” said Dan Sauder, executive vice president of engineering and new markets for Sauder Woodworking Co. “The Bridgewater pushes the boundaries of our proprietary technology by incorporating the physical texture of wood grain and surface defects that could previously only be achieved with solid wood.”

The funeral industry is changing, and Sauder Funeral Products is constantly evolving its product line to meet the needs of families.

The Bridgewater is 96 percent combustible and represents a growing category of funeral products: the crossover casket. As more families choose cremation, the demand has increased for crossover caskets that can be used for cremation services or traditional burial. Crossover caskets provide families with flexibility and enable funeral directors to reduce inventory with products that serve all types of consumers.

The Bridgewater is eco-friendly, as well as economical. It’s built with an environmentally responsible material, one of the many benefits of Sauder’s American-made casket line. All Sauder Funeral Products are made from 97 percent-recycled, high-quality soft and hardwood trimmings that remain after the milling of lumber and plywood.

The Bridgewater’s textured weathered oak finish, black hardware accents, and affordable price make it a truly unique solution for modern families. It provides a great alternative to solid wood caskets for burial, and rental caskets for full service cremations. The Bridgewater is the best of both worlds.

As a wholly owned entity of Sauder Woodworking Co., Sauder Funeral Products leverages decades of manufacturing experience to address the needs of changing customers in the funeral industry. For more information about Sauder Funeral Products, visit the company’s website at