President’s Message: Supply Chain and the Industry

Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited to see everyone again in April.  I have to say our industry is amazing. The kindness that everyone shows one another is unbelievable. Through this supply chain crisis, I have had competitors help me with product. What industry would do that but ours???

We are a special breed of people that show empathy and concern when others are going through a time of loss. It flows over the other parts of our lives. I have been wearing many hats here at Keith M. Merrick since Michael’s passing. The shortage of labor I think is just starting to turn the corner.

I hope that I can find great people to help me. I feel bad for all the customers our organization deals with, that have not been able to have everything they are used to getting on a prompt basis. We can only hope the supply chain issues starts to loosen up a little so we can serve all our customers like we want.

Thanks everyone for letting me serve as your President it has been an honor! The board is a talented group to work with, if there is anything I can ever do for anyone of you, please contact me. The greatest part of this organization is the fellowship!!

See you all in Indy!!


Jeanette Hiemstra
CFSA President, 2021-22