Online Credit Guide Update: Surveys in the Mail

Our new CFSA Online Credit Guide program was launched several months ago, and the transition remains steady for those members acclimating to the web-based system accessible 24/7 from your own computers.  Those members who have made the transition are thrilled with the new program, especially the features that enable you to (1) immediately look up the compiled ratings on a particular funeral home, and (2) easily change your company’s previous rating of a funeral home to something more current.  CFSA staff remains committed to training participating member companies on the new system, so if you would like to schedule your training, please contact Project Manager Chris Lindom at 847.295.6630 or


However, until we successfully transition everyone over to the new system, we want to do a “massive refresh” of the entire database to ensure we have the latest, most up-to-date ratings from our member companies.  “It is important for the integrity of the CFSA Online Credit Guide program that our members regularly update the ratings they previously gave for a particular funeral home,” said Ms. Lindom.  “Historically, it has always been a requirement of the program that in order to view the compiled ratings of funeral homes in a particular state, the member must also be regularly updating their own past ratings on their customers.  The unique value of the program relies on fresh data supplied by our members.”


So, in an effort to solicit updated information during this transition, we are mailing to all participating companies the hard-copy printouts of their existing funeral home ratings.  The mailing will go out by June 1st, and the deadline to reply is June 15th.  Important note: Those companies that are already utilizing the new online program to refresh their ratings do not have to submit anything by June 15, but they will receive the printouts in the mail as a courtesy.