Notable Individuals and Their Marsellus Caskets

Former CFSA Board member Mike Beardsley, now semi-retired while remaining a consultant for Thacker Caskets, spent most of his professional career working for the Marsellus Casket Company in Syracuse, New York, before the company was closed in 2003. Mike, who chaired CFSA’s 100th Anniversary Committee in 2013, is known to many in the industry as our resident “Historian”. He authored much of the text and contributed nearly all of the timeless images produced in our commemorative Centennial hardcopy book, CFSA: 100 Year of Service. Mike has recently been researching some notable people who were buried in a Marsellus Casket. Although he continues with his research, we are sharing below a portion of his list to date: Eddy Arnold (Entertainer, Country Singer) – M710 President Arthur Ashe (Tennis Star) – M710 President Mahogany Cardinal Joseph Bernardin (Archbishop of Cincinnati) – 710 Mahogany Priest Casket Leonard Bernstein (Composer, Conductor, NY Philharmonic) – 730 Heritage Mahogany Owen Bradley (Record Producer, the “Nashville Sound”) – M680 Bradford Cherry David Brinkley (Newscaster, NBC and ABC) – M710 President Mahogany Michael Bronfman (Seagram’s heir) – M700 Masterpiece Mahogany Charles Bronson (Actor) – M710 President Mahogany George Burns (Actor, Comedian) – M680 Bradford Cherry Jimmy Cagney (Actor) – M720 Mahogany Amon G. Carter, Jr. (Dir. of American Airlines) – M700 Masterpiece Mahogany W.W. “Foots” Clements (Chairman, Dr. Pepper) – M710 President Mahogany Harvey Lavan “Van” Cliburn (Virtuoso Pianist) – M710 President Mahogany Pete Conrad (Astronaut) – M678 Victorian Cherry Terence Cardinal Cooke (Archbishop of New York City) – 935 Lincoln Priest Case, Walnut Joe DiMaggio (NY Yankees Baseball Star) – M776 Versailles Mahogany Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (Actor) – M710 President, Mahogany Joseph Marion Haggar (Founder of Haggar Pants Co.) – M700 Masterpiece Mahogany Alex Haley (Author, “Roots”) M710 President Mahogany Jack Haley, Jr. (Film Director, “That’s Entertainment”) M710 President Mahogany Jim Henson (Muppets creator) – 454 Oxford Birch John Heinz (Senator, Pennsylvania) – M710 President Mahogany Ben Hogan (Professional Golfer) – M710 President Mahogany Hubert H. Humphrey (U.S. Vice President) – M663 Cherry John F. Kennedy (U.S. President) – 710 Mahogany Herbert Khaury (“Tiny Tim”; Entertainer, Pop Singer) – 710 FHT President, Carved Top, Mahogany Tom Landry (Football Coach, Dallas Cowboys) – M730 Heritage Mahogany Vince Lombardi (Football Coach, Packers, Redskins) – M930 Walnut Myrna Loy (Actress) – M720 Mahogany Mickey Mantle (NY Yankees Baseball Star) – M700 Masterpiece Mahogany J. Howard Marshall, II (Oil Tycoon) – M710 President Mahogany Thurgood Marshall (Supreme Court Justice) – M180 Saratoga Pine (ceremonial use only) Billy Martin (NY Yankees Baseball Player, Coach) – M700 Masterpiece Mahogany George Meany (AFL-CIO President) – M710 President Mahogany Richard M. Nixon (U.S. President) – M710 President Mahogany Pat Nixon (First Lady) – M710 President Mahogany Cardinal John O’Connor (Archbishop of New York City) – 730 Mahogany Priest Casket Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (First Lady) – M710 President, Mahogany Claude Pepper (Senator, Florida) – M710 President Mahogany Marjorie Merriweather Post (founder of General Foods) – M700 Masterpiece Mahogany Adolph Rupp (Basketball Coach, University of Kentucky) – M447 Birch Ronald Reagan (U.S. President) – M700 Masterpiece Mahogany Nelson A. Rockefeller (U.S. Vice President) – M730 Mahogany Bill Samuels, Sr. (Founder of Maker’s Mark Distillery) – M776-S Versailles Mahogany (DR) George C. Scott (Actor) – M720 Mahogany John Tower (Senator, Texas) – M710 President Mahogany Harry S. Truman (U.S. President) – M720 Mahogany Bess Truman (First Lady) – M720 Mahogany Henry Wade (District Attorney, “Roe versus Wade”) – M180 Saratoga Pine Chris “Biggy Smalls” Wallace (Entertainer, Rapper) – M700 Masterpiece Mahogany Tammy Wynette (Entertainer, Country Singer) – M710 President Mahogany Abraham Zapruder (Filmed Kennedy Assassination) – 454 Birch Mike Beardsley offered this final comment: “I wish to extend a very special thanks to Jim Kurtz, John Marsellus, Rodney Wells, and Larry Robbins, all of whom contributed greatly to this compilation. This is an ‘active investigation’. New data is being sought to make the listing as complete and accurate as possible.” Please send any corrections or additions to Mike Beardsley at