New app release on industry-needed information from Red Book

After a successful soft release in January 2018, Red Book, published by The National Directory of Morticians, will be providing a full release of the App e-Red Book. It is exciting to access professionally-researched information on funeral homes and other funeral industry companies via an App that is interactive.

Enter and find Contacts and Notes. Call, email (when an address has been provided), and get driving directions right from the App. Automatic syncing of notes and contacts keeps you and your staff on the same page.

The App brings additional advantages that were once only available in paper or saved files. You can disconnect from the Internet and still access the needed information.

We believe this will be a highly useful value-added tool for today and tomorrow. Allowing those in the funeral industry to maintain a competitive edge by reducing hours of human research and allowing increased productivity.

The anticipated upcoming release is September-October 2018, with added features. The current release of the App is available in Android Google Play™, Apple App Store™, and Microsoft Store™. Account required. Contact your Red Book Agent or email us at for additional information.