Message from the President

Greetings, CFSA Members!

It was fantastic to see everyone in Indianapolis for our annual conference. It was especially nice to see those of our members who have been unable to attend the conference the past couple of years due to the pandemic lockdowns. Although we are a smaller industry, the CFSA conference marks the one time a year when we are able to come together and enjoy some educational and social activities as a collective community.

The stressed supply chain and tight labor market continue to affect every member of CFSA. As we look toward the future, we all must look for innovative ways to offset these business headwinds and move our businesses, and our industry, forward. As you look to address these headwinds, I encourage you to reach out to fellow CFSA members. Many of us are dealing the with same challenges and there is a tremendous amount of industry knowledge within the CFSA membership. Use this knowledge to benefit your business and ultimately your customers. It will make our industry stronger as a whole.

The future demand of funeral-related products has undergone the most significant shift in at least two generations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the new president of CFSA, I am so proud of the work that all our CFSA members have done over the past two years. Although no one knows what the future will hold, I can assure you that CFSA members will be there to answer the call!