Message from the President: Jeannette Hiemstra’s first message

It’s hard to believe it is 2021! It seems that 2020 was a blur of a year. There were no events that marked the moving of time – no Easter Celebration, Fourth of July, Labor Day, the fall CFSA event or travel for Christmas. It felt like time stood still.

It felt good to be in Indy with everyone  in April and see each other face-to-face! I am very honored to be the president of CFSA and very humbled. I am so excited to see where we go this year with CFSA. We have great officers and board members. We will continue to move forward and grow membership! 

I feel good about Tim and his team at RGI. They have been working very hard for us since day one and they will continue to do so. Our small organization will benefit greatly from working with them. They can help us grow the value of your membership and keep us going in the right direction.

I hope to have a great year as president and a great year working with Justin Thacker and Pat Duckers as officers with our Past President Mike Mims. 

If there are any thoughts or ideas you as members have, please make sure to let the board members and RGI know. We would love to have insight from YOU the member! Ideas are always the best when they come from those in the same industry. 

Have a great summer and remember to raise your cups to all the dear friends we have made over the years as members of CFSA. Some lifelong friendships have been made and many more to come. 

In service,

Jeanette Hiemstra
CFSA President